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How to order

  1. Necessary to register first by click register on menu right top.

2.When in the register page, please fill username and E-mail and click Register

3.When Register done, system will sent e-mail to confirm, Customer can change or choose password by click on link no.1

4.When click link and then new page appear, customer can change password for easy remember and the click reset password

5.When passwords changed, customer can login to choose product

6.When customer choose color, quantity  and click add to cart, when choose everything done, see view cart or cart

7.When check every alright, then click process to checkout for fill detail and confirm

8.when customer fill detail address and choose check out process  and click PLACE ORDER

9.Then order page  appear it’s will show purchase code, date, list, address (when choose cash on delivery check out)

10.When customer choose cash on delivery check out, go to page confirm payment to confirm your payment