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Ergonomic chairs model NUVEM-CEO


Description : Ergonomic chairs model NUVEM-CEO

Ergonomic chairs model NUVEM-CEO Designed specifically for executives,  suitable for executives wanting to work in comfort,  main structure made from good quality aluminium,  Black leather made from grade A Cow leather from Australia, The red leather is made from ostrich leather, Design for beauty shape, luxury  Elegant look with the executive,characteristic of  Backrest have memory to each people can remember lean, height level,  Armrest. convenient for People who have worked for a long time or relax,   The chairs are not standardized, no quality Long-term use maybe make Crushed muscle and nerve Easily cause aches
*Should sit properly When sit more than 1 hour you should Move your body to relax

Material  :

(1) Structure made from aluminium have strength durable, shine (Guarantee the use of the structure 8-10 years)
(2) The backrest and seat cushions with two colors.

  • Black color  made from grade A Cow leather from Australia
  • Red color made from ostrich leather

(3) Arms and Base  structure made from aluminium have strength durable
(4) 5 wheels made from plastic PU, High quality plastic,  Soft,  durable and no damage scratch the surface
(5) Shock hydraulic International quality, circulation no. 1 in Taiwan
(6) 2 years warranty according Conditions

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International standard :

  • Mesh Matrex, all Qualified BIFMA
  • Every chairs are pass the test GreenGuard, international standard is chairs not spread toxins in a room with no ventilation and can recycle 97% Environmentally friendly, and Reduce global warming

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